New Prince of Wales Private Hospital menu unveiled

February 2020


Good food not only assists in the recovery process, it also lifts people's spirits and helps their mental and emotional wellbeing. In February, we launched an exciting new menu designed to boost patient nutrition and their overall hospital experience.

While we focus on traditional, home-style meals, we’re challenging the negative perception of ‘hospital food’ by offering a selection of gourmet dishes and superfoods typically found on menus in cafes and restaurants. The menu features a balance of healthful items, like chia pudding and Buddha Bowls, as well as more comforting classics, such as Atlantic salmon farfalle and chicken and leek pot pie.

It has been carefully created to offer meals that are nutrient-dense, satisfying and flavoursome – even for patients with dietary requirements. It has already been successfully introduced to 12 Healthscope Hospitals, as a standard approach across the network, with very positive feedback to date.



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