Private orthopaedic surgery is often cheaper than living with long-term pain

Get moving again with our experienced orthopaedic specialists, who offer treatment for the full spectrum of musculoskeletal conditions. This includes hip, knee and shoulder arthritis, sports injuries, spinal conditions, hand, shoulder, elbow, wrist and foot disorders, trauma and paediatric orthopaedic conditions.

You don’t need private health insurance. And no matter your treatment, there’s minimal wait times. Speak with your GP or physio about your suitability for world class orthopaedic surgery, close to home, here in Randwick.


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World class care. Close to home.

The Orthopaedics team at Prince of Wales Private Hospital performs around 3000 surgeries every year. We have a highly skilled group of dedicated orthopaedic surgeons with a broad range of specialties. They are some of Australia’s most experienced joint replacement surgeons and sports injury doctors.

We use minimally invasive techniques for joint, muscle and tendon repair, using the latest generation of orthopaedic implants.

The operating theatres are equipped with specialised instrumentation and state-of-the-art orthopaedic technology, including the Airo® 3D intraoperative CT system. We can also customise surgical instruments using pre-operative 3D modelling of a patient’s own bones.

Our orthopaedic surgeons and procedures  


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  • Total hip replacement
  • Revision hip replacement
  • Knee arthroscopy
  • Total and partial knee replacement surgery
  • Revision knee replacement
  • ACL reconstruction
  • Realignment osteotomy
  • General trauma
  • Arthroscopic shoulder surgery
  • Capsular release
  • Shoulder replacement
  • Fractures
  • Rotator cuff repair
  • Shoulder stabilisation
  • Carpal tunnel
  • Trigger finger
  • Complex hand, wrist and elbow fractures
  • Prosthetic limb implants (osseointegration)
  • Ankle reconstruction and replacement
  • Foot and ankle deformity surgery
  • Achilles repairs
  • Bunions
  • Big toe stiffness (hallux rigidus)
  • Neck and back fusion
  • Correction of deformity (eg scoliosis, kyphosis)
  • Minimally invasive disc surgery / sciatica surgery
  • Gait abnormalities
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Correction of limb deformities
  • Congenital disorders
  • Injuries and fractures

The private experience

When you choose private, expect better. As one of our orthopaedic patients, you’ll be cared for by highly specialised nursing and allied staff trained in orthopaedic patient care. 

Your private patient comfort includes a soothing environment, with mainly single rooms, and ensuite as well as a private dining menu of nourishing, comforting dishes. Please be assured that our orthopaedic service is supported by a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals.

Your rehabilitation

Post-surgery, your orthopaedic surgeon will assess you and if you require rehab, together you’ll agree on the most suitable program.

Research shows that rehab delivered in the comfort of home is the most effective for patients. However, your surgeon may recommend an in-patient stay at a specialised facility. This will be organised for you before you leave our hospital.  

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