As soon as your pregnancy is confirmed by a GP, get a referral to one of our obstetricians.

Please note your obstetrician does not book in for you. When you do book in, you will need the following information:

  • name of obstetrician
  • reason for admission (pregnancy)
  • health fund membership and policy details
  • GP’s details
  • emergency contact details
  • medications information

You will receive an email with your booking confirmation.

If you have any questions about booking, please telephone (02) 9650 4693 and we will do our best to help.

View our obstetricians.

Book your admission online.

Pre-admission appointment for planned Caesareans

This consultation is a wonderful opportunity to ask a midwife all your questions about the Caesarean birth of your baby. Will be scheduled to occur in the 2 weeks before your planned procedure. We’ll also record your antenatal history, and generally make sure you’re ready for your stay.

Please bring along your health fund membership details to confirm level of cover and any excess or co-payments.

Need-to-know health fund information

Health insurance is an important part of budgeting for the birth of your baby. To minimise out of pocket expenses, Prince of Wales Private Hospital has negotiated agreements with all major health funds. While that’s a great start for you, it’s really important to consider other factors.

For instance, most health funds do not automatically cover neonatal care, unless family cover has been in place for three months. So, if you only have singles health insurance, consider a transfer to family cover at least three months before your expected due date.

If you stay on singles cover and your baby is unwell and requires admission to our Special Care Nursery, you’ll need to settle the baby’s account on discharge from the hospital. If you’re expecting a multiple birth, singles health insurance will only cover one baby during your hospital stay. Family health insurance is highly advisable.

It’s best to contact your health fund as soon as possible so there are no financial surprises.

If you’re not insured and would like to have your baby at Prince of Wales Private Hospital, please contact us on (02) 9650 4693 to discuss fees.

The fee for the routine paediatrician in-hospital check-up is not included in your hospital stay as each paediatrician charges independently. Therefore there’s an additional out-of-pocket fee for this. 

We believe in transparency, so whatever your cover, an estimate of costs and any out of pocket excess or co-payments associated with your hospital stay will be sent to you following your pre-admission consultation.


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