What to bring

For labour and birth

Don’t forget to pack anything that’ll help you be more comfortable during labour; your favourite pillow, music, oils, a TENS machine. You and your partner/support person will have access to refreshments, but are welcome to bring your own if you wish.

For the maternity ward

  • nappies and wipes
  • comfortable clothing for mum
  • toiletries
  • maternity pads and breast pads. We also recommend Hydrogel Breast Discs for their soothing and healing properties during the transition to breastfeeding
  • clothing and a swaddle for bub to go home in
  • check out what to pack for labour and hospital - a checklist for a complete guide.


Your baby will be with you in your room 24 hours per day. This helps develop confidence in caring for your newborn, while knowing that our experienced midwives are here to offer advice and support.

Rooming-in facilitates unrestricted breastfeeding, promotes bonding, helps prevent cross-infection, and allows closer contact with partners.

Your partner can stay overnight

Your partner is most welcome to stay with you at night to provide assistance and support, and develop your relationship as a family.

Our rooms are designed to cater for an overnight stay and provide either a chaise or a sofa bed.

The $95 per night rate for partners includes overnight accommodation, all meals and access to the tea and coffee making facilities. Partners who wish to dine with patients, but are not staying overnight, may purchase meals for $10 each.

If your partner wishes to stay overnight, please note the following:

  • Let your midwife or nurse know your partner is staying. In the event of an emergency we need to know exactly who is in the Maternity Ward
  • They must dress appropriately. Suitable night attire can be worn in the evenings but day clothing must be worn at all other times
  • They must wear footwear whilst walking around the ward or throughout the hospital
  • Midwives, nurses and staff may enter your room at any time during the day or night
  • Mobile phones may be used in your room but should not be used in the corridors.

Newborn screening test

This test is performed on all babies born in Australia once they are 48-hours old. The procedure involves taking three spots of blood from baby’s heel.

It is a screening test used to detect medical conditions that, unless treated, can affect your baby’s development. It is not a diagnostic tool.

A brochure will be given to you prior to the test being attended. Staff will ensure you fully understand and have given consent prior to completing the test.

Hearing test

The NSW Statewide Infant Screening Hearing (SWISH) program is offered to all babies to identify permanent hearing loss before 6 months of age. It is a 10–20 minute test usually taken as soon as possible after birth.

Lactation consultant

Our midwives and nurses are experienced in supporting new mums with breastfeeding and lactation. They offer professional care and guidance. 

We can also provide highly-qualified lactation consultants, if required.

Personal Health Record Book (Blue Book)

Your baby’s Blue Book is given to you after the birth and needs to stay with baby during your hospital stay so we can complete medical records prior to discharge. Your baby’s growth, development, medical history and immunisations will be recorded in their Blue Book. Please remember to take this with you to all of your baby’s future health appointments.

Birth registration

We provide you with instructions for registering the birth of your baby online and claiming maternity allowance. You have 60 days to register your baby’s birth at www.bdm.nsw.gov.au.

Cord blood banking

At Prince of Wales Private you have the option to have your baby’s umbilical cord blood and tissue stem cells collected at birth and stored with our trusted partner Cell Care. Or you can anonymously donate to Sydney Cord Blood Bank. Find out more here.

Placental Tissue Donation

The Placental Tissue Donation Program is run in Sydney, NSW and is part of Australian Tissue Donation Network’s Living Donor Program. It provides patients, at Prince of Wales Private Hospital, who are having an elective caesarean surgery, the opportunity to donate their placental tissue, which would otherwise have been discarded. Find out more here.

Personalised care board

We use a personalised care board in your room, as another way to keep you and your family involved in your care. This is updated regularly by our health professionals. You can use it to jot down reminders and questions to ask your doctor or midwife.

Private Dining


At Prince of Wales Private Maternity, we take pride in making sure you have delicious nutritious meals throughout your stay with us. It is important that you feel well nourished. 

 Our executive chef-created menu includes:

  • a ‘congratulations plate’ with freshly made macarons and chocolate dipped strawberries
  • breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • morning and afternoon tea
  • kitchen larder with snacks that are available overnight with our compliments

If you have any special dietary requirements, please let us know.

Servicing your room

We aim for an exceptionally high standard of cleanliness of your room. If you need towels changed, additional toiletries or the room cleaned, just let us know.

Hospital amenities

We have a café on Level 7 of our Hospital. You’ll find cafes, a chemist, gift shops, and an ATM on the ground floor. The Newmarket dining precinct and Randwick shops are only a short walk away.  


Our Assistance

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