Intensive Care Services

Our Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is dedicated to patients who have a severe medical illness, or who have had major complex surgery and require monitoring and treatment. Usually, patients in the ICU will have, or be at risk of developing, a life-threatening illness or complication. We provide the necessary medical expertise and facilities to support the body’s vital functions. 

We can supply:

  • advanced cardio-vascular support (including ECMO)
  • invasive monitoring
  • mechanical ventilation support
  • point-of-care coagulation testing
  • procedural services 
  • renal replacement therapy (dialysis)
  • tracheostomy insertion and management.

The Prince of Wales Private Hospital ICU is a fully-accredited Tertiary level teaching hospital ICU. It is staffed by Intensive Care specialist doctors, nursing staff qualified in high-dependency care, and junior medical staff in-training which ensures a very high level of 24/7 onsite medical cover. The team has a consultative approach to patient care, and respects the role of families in this process.

The intensive care service is an extra dimension of patient safety at our Hospital.

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